JJ Superior Metal Inc. has everything you need for your custom sheet metal fabrication needs. We are custom sheet metal fabrication experts. In fact, custom orders are our specialty. All of our orders are bent to the specifications you give us. When we give you a custom sheet metal fabrication, you know it will fit your needs as well as the sizes and measurements you gave us.

You will need to give us some information besides measurements when setting up your custom sheet metal fabrication order. We’ll need to know the material type. We generally work with Kynar (painted steel), 24GA Galvanized steel, Aluminum and Copper. You should also specify the color. We can accommodate most orders. We also need to know if you want extras like cover plates, a cleat or splice plates. Obviously, the total linear footage is a must. We offer custom sizes of gravel stop, coping, step flashing, ledge flashing, ODE flashing, surface mount counter flashing, slip flashing, box gutters, scuppers and more. We really are your one stop shop for custom sheet metal fabrication.

JJ Superior Metal Inc. can set you up with a line of credit or take a credit card. We take MasterCard and Visa for our custom sheet metal fabrication requests. Even if you don’t see it on our website, chances are we can do it for you. We suggest you contact us at 708-544-3757 and speak to one of our representatives. We can help you determine if the job is right for our custom sheet metal fabrication shop.

What you see on our website generally doesn’t have dimensions. That’s because we want you to know that we can do pretty much anything when it comes to custom sheet metal fabrication. Even items that have dimensions can be altered to your specifications. All you have to do is ask.

If you need a shop drawing, our in-house AutoCAD designers can provide you with one. We charge a minimal fee for this service. We can also work with you to make changes to your order based on that drawing. We want you to be satisfied and get just the right piece of custom sheet metal for your job. We can also replicate many existing products such as decorative cornices, ornamental leader heads and conductor heads among others. We will need a piece of the original item to be able to replicate it, however.

We take great care and time before the item is fabricated because a custom sheet metal order cannot be returned once it has begun to be built. It can also not be refunded. Our business is such that once we begin to make the item, you’re responsible for payment. We make you aware of that up front and work to come to a mutually beneficial solution.
JJ Superior Metal Inc. can handle all of your custom sheet metal fabrication needs. Check out our website at http://jjsuperior.com/ for more information.