20+ years of Experience

With over 20 years of experience. We promise quality work for you.

Family Owned

We have been a family running business since 1998

Fast Turnaround

We can have most products made in 24 hours

Certified Experts

We are certified fabricators of many different ANSI-SPRI ES1 edge metal systems


What are my payment options?
We prefer to have your company set up in our system with a line of credit. We are also set up to take VISA/MC. If you have any billing questions please give us a call.
Can you make curved flashing?
We can fabricate curves lengthwise, such as a ridge roll, cornice or custom gutter. We can also piece together radius coping. We cannot take a straight flashing and curve it to fit a round tower.
I don't see the profile I need, can you help me out?
We couldn’t possibly list every available flashing on this site. Chances are good that we can fabricate it.
Can profiles shown on the website be modified?
Yes. Most flashings on our site do not have dimensions because we will fabricate whatever size suits your needs. Drawings that do have dimensions included can also be altered.
Do you provide shop drawings?
Yes. Our in house AutoCAD designers can provide you with shop drawings on your custom job for a minimal fee. We will work with you in making any necessary changes in order to meet your needs.
Can you replicate a pre-existing item?
Yes. There are many products such as decorative cornices, ornamental leader heads, conductor heads, and many more that we can replicate. However, you will need to provide our technicians with the sample of the original which shows the measurements and details of the piece.
Do you have any minimum volume requirements?
No. However the more you order the lower you cost will be per piece. Much of the cost associated with the fabrication goes into the initial design and setup of our machines. This cost must be factored into each piece fabricated regardless of the quantity.
Do you have brochures of your products?
Yes. Provide us with your mailing address and we will send one to you ASAP.
Can I return a custom product after it has been ordered?
Custom products cannot be returned or refunded once the order has been placed and fabrication has begun. Our in house technicians begin fabricating immediately once an order has been approved.
What is the quickest way to get a quote?
Call Us: (708) 544-3757

Fax Us: (708) 544 3761

or Email: [email protected]

What sheet metal materials do you offer?
The available materials depend on the specific products you choose. We fabricate our products in the following: copper, lead coated copper, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, kynar 500 in galvanized, mill finished and more!
What thickness of material do you use?
Our most common gauge is 24, which is standard for architectural work. Unless otherwise requested, copper is 16oz. (Our equipment can handle 16-40GA)

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