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With over 20 years of experience. We promise quality work for you.

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We have been a family running business since 1998

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We can have most products made in 24 hours

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We are certified fabricators of many different ANSI-SPRI ES1 edge metal systems

Standard Coping System – JJ Superior Metal Inc.

Standard Metal Coping System is the architectural solution when providing a weatherproof, attractive, and easily installed finish to parapet and perimeter walls, columns and piers.

The system features a standard coping cap (without any cleats) that is fastened by screwing through the side walls of the coping caps. Once installed, the entire coping system provides a watertight fit with exposed fasteners.

Spring-Tite Coping w/ Continuous Cleat System

Econo Coping LT System

Color Choices

These come in many color choices. You can see the color choices off of our color charts below

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